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Beyond a last name, married couple and Shift Co-Owners Dara and Joe Rodger share quite a bit. From a mutual love for fine foods and mountain towns to matching employment histories in the hospitality industry, both their backgrounds and their visions for the future are evident in every square foot at Shift.

Boulder, Colorado-born Dara and Sedona, Arizona-born Joe met and bonded while working at Boulder, Colorado’s Frasca Food & Wine before relocating to Flagstaff to cement themselves as part of the city’s burgeoning culinary landscape. With Shift, they look to challenge locals and travelers alike to look beyond what they might consider typical “mountain town” food and instead focus on bold flavors, a locally driven menu and artfully composed plates served up amidst a casual, pretension-free ambiance.  

Eat/Drink Flagstaff: Dishing on the best new bars and restaurants

By Elaine Chukan-Brown // February 2017 // Wine & Spirits Magazine

At stints at Frasca in Colorado and Ubuntu in California, husband-and-wife team Dara and Joe Rodger set out to redefine mountain-town cuisine at Shift. In a spare, airy space in a historic building in downtown Flagstaff, they find creative ways to present regional ingredients, from the sorrel that's made into a savory, palate-awakening sorbet, to the spent grains from Flagstaff's Dark Sky Brewing transformed into crackers for the house-made rillettes. The kitchen's penchant for experimentation flows into the bar as well. Working with seasonal products, as well as a host of bar-made bitters and infusions, the bartenders create drinks worth a visit all on their own. Try the Hazel du Monde, a Bourbon-based cocktail that includes hazelnut, lemon and squash. 107 N San Francisco st: 928-440-5135.